North Shore Line assorted hardware

North Shore Line match safe

UL plate off car 761- closest thing to a builders plate the North Shore Line had.

3 differnt North Shore Line bus tokens.

Transportation tokens Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 19: 14:41-0500 From: "David W .Cremins"

There are 5 different tokens shown as being from C.N.S.&M., from Waukegan, Ill. Four were issued by the C.N.S.& M RailROAD, and one by the C.N.S.& M. RailWAY. All were 16 mm in Diameter, but were made from different materials over time. The Attwood/Coffee catalog of Transportation Tokens values them each at only 15 cents, so they must still be quite common and not hard to find. Here is the list shown in the catalog.

IL 890 A 16 mm dia. White Metal (with 4 slots)

IL 890 B 16 mm dia. Zinc (with 4 slots)(1942)

IL 890 C 16 mm dia. Steel (with 4 slots)(1944)

IL 890 D 16 mm dia. White Metal (with 3 slots)(1946)

The above all had the same lettering and were issued by the railROAD:

"C.N.S.& M. R.R. CO. WAUKEGAN, ILL. NSL" (lettering on one side)

"ONE FARE CITY LINES ONLY NSL" (on the other side)

IL 890 E 16 mm dia. White Metal (with 4 slots)(1947)

Same lettering as the others except R.R. CO. becomes R.Y. CO.

Thanks for Tim Moran for the above info.

Porcelain sign off ticket office

Brass North Shore Line extinguisher with holder.

North Shore Line dater die from the Adams and Wabash station.

First Aid kit from the NSL.

Station porcelain sign, Silverliner plate, and Ticket Office porcelain signs.

Large insulator from the NSL.

Mounted trolley bell from a North Shore car.

Money collection bag from Roosevelt Road Station. Print is fading but you can read some of it.

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