2nd Annual North Shore Line Dinner April 15, 2000

Mr Robertson showed us some of his 600 slides he had taken of the North Shore Line. He is waiting to be introducted.

Matty Hehner sharing some NSL stories.

Top picture  NSL employees standing from left to right- Standing L to R- Dave Myers, Ed Oleson, Gene Anderson, Dick Potrocki, Julie Myers, Eric Knautz, and Gary Allen, Zion.

Seated L to R- Betty Oleson, Matty Hehner, Frank Beshack, Don Kennedy, Maxine Kennedy, and Bob Klusendorf.

Bottom picture- Dan, the owner of Mimi's (formerly Spaghetti Station) accepts a token of gratutde of taking care of us a second year!

Abandonment Dinner in Kenosha January 23, 1999

We had a few more people than expected. There were 43 people in attendance including 10 employees from the North Shore Line. We ate in an old Milwaukee Road Dining car. Introductions by everyone and a slide show preceded dinner. Videos of the NSL followed dinner. NSL "memorabilia" was also displayed that some people had brought to layout. Plan on April 2000 for the next NSL Dinner celebrating the NSL creation.

Top- employee Eric Knautz

Bottom- North Shore Line employees attending the Dinner.

Top- employee Frank Beshack

Bottom- the Milwaukee Rd Dining car we had the Dinner in.