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She is at the Illinois Railway Museum in Union Illinois (http://www.irm.org). They also have many other NSL cars to view and some to ride.

This was the Valley Forge (801-802) when she went to Pennsylvania after the abandonment (better that then the scrappers torch). Some of the interior has the PA motif yet but the tavern lounge car was left in original wall schemes, and work is in progress.

**May 12 2001**

Panels panels panels. Stripped out little hearts out. That A1 car won't know what hit it.

A1 car getting restored!!

One of the "Jims" cutting and replacing the fabric between the panel and wall.

***Jan 15 2000***

With the panels taken down, the overhead work is much easier. Why didn't we do that from the beginning? Two more panels stripped so that makes all the overhead panels done in the A-1 car. We are not sure if we will start painting in the A-1 car or strip another car. Things are coming along!

***Oct 30 1999***

Had another volunteer come out and got about 4 panels done!!

***Aug 30 1999***

Was out on this beautiful day stripping paint. We have just about finished stripping one side and are ready to remove the molding from the other side of A1 so we can strip that side. Now that the weather is cooperating we can get out more.

***May 29-31 1999***

Memorial weekend saw alot of work done. She came out for a 3 hour bath, lots of sunshine and visitors and paint stripping. Got over 1 1/2 panels stripped. We are hopping for a Labor Day running of the Liner. Seeing as how we can't go down to the Trolley store to get parts and supplies these things take time. I will post updated info on the web site regarding her running status. See pictures below for the first Illinois Railway Museum North Shore Line Days!!

***December 16th 1998***

Tired of the xmas rush I escaped to IRM. I spent a quiet day- not a soul in sight- on the Liner. I brought a tape player and listened to christmas carols as I stripped paint from the A1 car. It seems it will take a day per paneled section per person. I can't really release any info, but let's just say we have a goal to have at least one car finished for a  special holiday weekend in May. I should think the bright sunshine will feel good on her back once again.

***August 29th 1998***

Our IRM work day was very productive. We finished removing the trim from one side of A-1 which took a few more hours. Some of the older screws had "iron beards". Water had leaked in prior her newest paint job and had rusted the screws. We had been worried about stripping older screws, but when a drill was used to try to remove these same screws with negative results, stripping them was our least concern. Underneath the SEPTA paint was another different coat that had to be removed. We used paint stripper that works quite well but does not agree with skin or open cuts. After 4-5 coatings we got down to the mason board which has to be cleaned and prepped before painting.

We had some questions answered about how to remove the paint and what was underneath. Next time out we will be removing more paint and cleaning the walls.

The intention is to get the motors working , rewound again so she can be taken out for special events. This is not cheap. She is fragile and when she gets taken out something else major occurs. She's not a spring chicken and needs a gentle hand, but she will be out again. Perhaps next season. More new blood is needed- skilled or not. Tom and I are not, but there's lots to be done. Volunteers are always needed. Donations also. Help us make a difference.

It is really quite an experience working inside her. I feel like I'm in church.  Next time I'll remember my camera.

**** July 18th, 1998 *****

We spent the afternoon of the 18th working in the A1 car removing seats, luggage rack, light fixtures, and trim from one side of the car. The intention is to strip the old paint and return her to the 1963 color. It was ALITTLE warm inside the car. We're almost at the paint stripping stage already.

Memorial Weekend Pictures 1999 at IRM in Union IL

Top left is her on track 71 waiting to come out. Top right- first breath of sunshine in over a year. Bottom- she is coming around to the 50th Street Station to rest for the weekend.

MD car 229 and Line car 604 made an appearance for the weekend also.

Top- getting a bath. Middle- a battry box getting painted by Tom and a Jim. Bottom left- motley Liner crew. Bottom right- on display at 50 th Street Station for the weekend.

Top- the Liner. Bottom- Street Car 354 came out for runs on the strret car loop for the weekend. Thanks to IRM volunteer staff for their help in getting things done.

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