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Railroad route gets historical marker
North Shore line remembered in ceremony

WAUKEGAN — A state historical sign on the Robert McClory Bike Path marking the site of the defunct North Shore Railroad's Edison Court station was unveiled and dedicated Sunday. It is the only marker along the trail indicating the path is the old right-of-way of the North Shore Line, said Laura Hedien, a Waukegan firefighter and railroad history enthusiast who led a campaign to get the marker erected with the Friends of the North Shore Line and the Waukegan Historical Society. MORE...

ABOVE: Laura Hedien of Waukegan stands with the North Shore Line historical marker that will pinpoint the location of the Edison Court station at Washington Street and Edison Court in Waukegan.

  Today's headlines from The Beacon News

COPS puts more police on street: In some parts of the country, rancorous debates about the effectiveness of President Bill Clinton's 6-year-old national community policing initiative focus on what the controversial portion of the Federal Crime Bill has not ... MORE

I-Law: Keep silly suits out of courts: A Loony Lawsuit of the month, titled "I don't want my money back, I'm suing," is about an attorney who sued a dealership over a hidden fee even though the dealership offered to return the money. MORE

Textbooks reflect politics, not history: CHICAGO — Remember what you learned in school about President Woodrow Wilson? Or the hazardous waste at Love Canal? How about Helen Keller? MORE

  Today's headlines from The Herald News

East side's Forest Park: Tall trees, renewed pride: MORE

Pay up or lose your license: JOLIET — Will County Circuit Clerk Pamela McGuire is taking aim at motorists who refuse to pay their traffic fines. MORE

Will city vote today on deal?: JOLIET — The Joliet City Council doesn't vote often at their precouncil workshops, but there's a good chance they may this afternoon. MORE

  Today's headlines from The Courier News

Guitar fans go mad at Elgin swap show: ELGIN — Beverly Bakes remembered trying to rent and set up a sales booth at a guitar show in Maple Park once. MORE

Prosecutor hopefuls hit campaign trail: An appearance by Paul Simon added some political cachet in the race for Kane County state's attorney Sunday as county Democrats tried to gather momentum against a well-organized and well-financed Republican campaign. MORE

Taking stands to save river: Geoff Petzel risked arrest at a Fox River environmental summit meeting a year ago in St. Charles when he held up a jar of orange goo, claimed it was toxic waste found along the riverbank, and declared that, if he dropped it, ... MORE

  Today's headlines from The News Sun

Attorney general on front line in fighting violent video games: SPRINGFIELD — Thanks to the state's top law enforcement official, Illinois is part of a public battleground in the growing national debate over children's access to the most violent video games. MORE

Bush heads toward Illinois battleground as race stays close: CHICAGO — George W. Bush heads for Illinois this week, hoping to build enthusiasm among his supporters in a state where polls show him in a tight race with Al Gore and get valuable national exposure as well. MORE

Fire burns near Boulder, dozens urged to evacuate: BOULDER, Colo. — Residents packed irreplaceable mementos and prepared for the possibility of evacuation as firefighters fought a 700-acre blaze that threatened about 250 mountain homes on Sunday. MORE

Marker tracks electric line: WAUKEGAN — A state historical sign on the Robert McClory Bike Path marking the site of the defunct North Shore Railroad's Edison Court station was unveiled and dedicated Sunday. MORE

Poll: 10th up for grabs: The 10th District congressional race between Mark Kirk and Lauren Beth Gash is still neck-and-neck, a new poll taken for Gash indicates. MORE


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