Shore Line in 1972

Pictures courtesy of JJ Sedelmaier

the indian hill station in winnetka. it was on the east side of the embankement. there was still green marbelized asbestos tile on the exposed floor.

the north shore's entrance to the noyes street stop in evanston. it was on the south side of the street and boarded up

the wilmette station. an ihop was put up across from where the station was. the view is facing south. you probably recognize the green and white tile building on greenleaf. lots of pictures of turning trains shot there

the converted original winnetka station. compare them to the new structure and it's easy to tell that it's not the original. still painted in the old crt colors of burnt orange and olive.

2 shots of the wire sleds over the shore line path. one shot is straight down from the bridge, the other is facing north looking up

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