What other names do we associate the NSL with?

Waukegan & North Shore Rapid Transit Co.- Oct 14, 1891

Bluff City Electric Street Railway Co.- Sep1, 1894

North Shore Inter-Urban Railway- Apr 7, 1897

Chicago and Milwaukee Electric Railway Co.- May 12, 1898

Kenosha City Railway Co.- Apr 28, 1902

Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railroad Co.- Mar 20, 1902

Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railroad Co.- Jun 22, 1904

Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Railway Co.- Jan 30, 1906

Waukegan, Fox Lake & Western Electric Street Railway- May 6, 1913

Chicago North Shore and Milwaukee Railroad- Jun 12, 1916

North Shore Racine & Milwaukee Railroad- Jun 25, 1916

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railroad Co.- Jul 1, 1923

Chicago North Shore & Northern Railroad Co.- 1923

North Shore and Waukegan Railway Co.- Apr 6, 1926

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railway Co.- Nov 1, 1946

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee Railway- Dec 14, 1953

Chicago North Shore System Inc,- Dec 14, 1953

Other vested or owned interests of the NSL

1924 The NSL bought the Liberty Lake Gravel Company (originally owned by Interstate Sand & Gravel Company)  with properties in Libertyville and Kenosha. In 1925 the name was changed to THE NORTH SHORE MATERIAL COMPANY. Later in 1925, The North Shore Material Company acquired the properties of the Racine Crushed Stone Company. Consisting of 60 acres, it was located on the Root River, south of Horlicksville Road. The lake on the Libertyville property was also harvested in the winter for ice and it was sold in the summer to a local ice dealer. Property also held by the Company was the Lake County Fair Grounds in Libertyville. This consisted of a grandstand, exhibit buildings, animal sheds and a hospital building.

Crushed Stone Plant north of Madison St Bridge Milwaukee WI Oct 17, 1924
The "Madison " bridge is actually the "C&NW Madison Division bridge over 6th Street." The Harrison Street shops are just beyond the trestle to the left. Thanks Keith!!

North Shore Line Motor Coach          (unkown date and location)

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